Media Art

SITISIZER – Interaktive Sound Installation

SITISIZER transmits the natural sounds and characteristics of an inflatable seat produced by the Viennese architects Experimonde. Among other things, the studio is investigating how plastic membranes can be used in the field of tension between architecture and art, for example to suppress noise by using them as a building envelope. We followed this approach by transferring the sounds of people moving in chairs and interacting with the material into a 360° audio panorama – with the aim of transforming unpleasant noises that arise when plastic and skin come into contact.

AVRG 2.0 Interactive Audiovisual Performance

le_mol and AVRG present a symbiosis of concert, visual art and interactive space installation. Played live in the privacy of a secluded basement room, the artists transport a video and sound stream directly into the centre of the exhibition hall. Space-consuming projections visualize the band’s approach and transform it over three hours into an interactive sound continuum. Visitors come together in the middle of the room and manipulate the audio-visual events in mutual jam with the musicians, creating a whole-body, time-deep and immersive spectacle.

AVRG 1.0 Installative concert streaming

At the interface between sound installation and band, le_mol are a dark post-rock duo from Vienna, who appear as a whole orchestra by using audio technical devices. In the rooms of the former medal and metal manufactory, which housed the artistic Offspace mo.ë, music is conveyed on three levels, from the isolated space of the musicians to the whole-body experience of the listener. An unconventional approach to the band structure is brought closer by means of various visual representations, resulting in an audio-visual sound experience that is far removed from time. Music, space and images attempt a common language.

BUGFIX – Interactive Multimedia-Installation

Bugfix allows people to control 1400 macro photos by moving in space. The images on the screen differ individually in perspective and depth of field. As you approach the screen, the projection becomes sharper. If you change the position horizontally, the object rotates.