I believe that each individual has a responsibility to society by using his or her own abilities for general improvement. Due to the massive impact of visual media content on public opinion, I want to use my experience and knowledge in digital media technologies to draw attention to issues that help us to further develop and move forward as a society.

I am deeply convinced that efficient communication, collaboration and constant sharing of knowledge are the foundation of good teamwork. Completed without exception by tolerance and respect.

In my opinion audiovisual content is a comprehensive method that enables both companies and individuals to distribute ideas, products and knowledge in a sustainable way.

Through my studies of digital media technologies I was able to acquire a profound basis of theoretical knowledge. Complemented by many years of practical experience in the creation of audio-visual media content, it allows me to efficiently realize complex creative and technical challenges.

Furthermore, I have a vivid passion for Media Technology and I actively participate in political discourses.

Felix Betzenbichler


Dipl.-Ing. - Digital Media Technologies

The whole digital production chain from the idea to the distribution: New technical possibilities, creative design and economic requirements are equally taken into account by practical and project-oriented means and on a high scientific level. The study programme prepares the student for a managerial position or for self-employed work in the field of the creative industry and economy.

Bachelor of Science in Engineering - Media Technology

To be creative, you need to master your particular craft. Students on this programme acquire skills in audio and video production, graphics and layouts, web technologies and photography. The technical training they receive stands out for its strong focus on planning and problem-solving skills and the industry-focused learning environment.

Audiovisual Media Designer

Audiovisual media designers are creating picture and sound products according to editorial specifications (such as the recording of television films, talk shows, live broadcasts or news programs). They must master and use the technical equipment, in particular the recording technology, camera and sound equipment, lighting technologies, image design and editing technology.